From utilizing environmentally-friendly building materials to capitalising on sources of renewable energy, builders and developers in Mumbai are promoting sustainable real estate development. 

Here are five ways in which builders and developers in Mumbai are becoming sustainable

Energy-Efficient Lighting

It is a known fact that most residential and commercial buildings consume copious amounts of energy for their lighting systems. One of the most cost-effective and hassle-free ways that developers have adopted to reinforce sustainability is through investment in energy-efficient systems. This encompasses installing high-efficiency and less energy consuming lighting systems like HVAC systems, Energy Star-rated appliances, and LED lighting. This helps bring down costs and energy consumption making them favourable for both renters and homeowners. Many state DISCOMS offer incentives and rebates for energy-efficient upgradation, making it a financially viable option as well. 

Incorporating Green Construction Materials

To bring down their environmental impact, builders and developers in Mumbai are incorporating green materials into their real estate construction. They have switched to using sustainable supplies such as sustainable or reclaimed wood, bamboo, and recycled materials such as steel. They are also incorporating natural finishes like lime, hemp and clay. These materials do not impact the environment as harshly as traditional construction materials and aid in bringing down the overall carbon footprint of the property. Another added advantage of using green building materials is that they are cost-effective. 

Including Renewable Energy sources 

Another step being undertaken by builders and developers in Mumbai to be more sustainable is using renewable energy sources like wind, solar, hydro etc., to reduce the carbon footprint and ensure the real estate project is more sustainable. In a country like India, where the sun is abundantly available in most parts of the country, solar panels and solar heaters are becoming increasingly popular. Even optimizing the design aspect, like installing skylights, large windows, and sunscreens reduces the dependence on artificial light and brings down energy consumption. States are promoting renewable energy-generated power and are offering financially lucrative rebates and incentives for it, deeming it a wise financial move as well. 

Installing Smart Technologies

Innovative technologies are a great way to be environmentally responsible. Installing smart thermostats, automated lighting systems and other smart appliances and home technologies meaningfully reduces energy consumption, ensuring sustainability and efficiency. Energy management smart systems are technologically advanced ways to bring down costs and energy consumption making them attractive to all the parties involved in real estate.  Moreover, smart home technologies offer convenience to potential occupants, thereby enhancing the overall property value and improving occupancy rates. 

Recycling and adopting Water Conservation measures

Another way to achieve eco-friendly construction is to incorporate water conservation and recycling practices. This encompasses measures like water-efficient landscaping, low-flow toilets and faucets, and recycling stations. These best practices help bring down water wastage which is a scarce resource in most parts of India. 

Benefits of being sustainable 

  • Sustainable practices help developers make a positive difference in the environment which benefits them financially. 
  • They reduce the adverse environmental impact by reducing pollution, conserving resources and improving the overall health of the environment. 
  • They also ensure lower operating costs because the electricity and water bills go down, and there is less spent on maintenance and repair. 
  • With people becoming more environmentally conscious, sustainable real-estate development is more attractive to potential home buyers, renters as well as investors. 
  • Not only are builders positively impacting their surroundings, but they also stand to gain financially.